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(LAM-UPC) Barcelona Tech has accumulated extensive experience in ICT applications, designing hardware configurations and developing software in several environments:
Development of information and transactional systems, Virtual learning environments, Computer-based learning, Creation of games in multimedia format, Interactive Video, Digital editing tools, Management of image databases, Engineering teaching quality improvement, Blended learning supporting, Virtual communities management, Mobile applications for medical diagnostics, Biomechanical simulations.
In recent years, the laboratory has focused on technology transfer supporting health research.

• Analysis and representation of medical databases to support clinical and therapeutic studies (CLIF-Consortium)
• Neuroimaging research on Alzheimer’s disease prevention and the study of cognitive functions affected in healthy and pathological aging (BarcelonaBeta, Fundació Pascual Maragall)
• Virtual and augmented reality for surgery preparation and dissemination (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu)
• Motor rehabilitation (Institute Guttmann)
• Rehabilitation after stroke. Upper and lower limps (DAFO)
• Cognitive rehabilitation for subjects with mild dementia such as Alzheimer or vascular type (Hospital Clínic)
• Schizophrenia psychotherapeutic game (Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu)
• Mobile application to measure the knee instability in ACL deficient subjects (Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Sport Medicine)
• Simulation of human gait using muscle-driven models and simulation of subject-exoskeleton collaborative movements and their contact forces (KU Leuven and Stanford University).